zondag 24 augustus 2014

PTI Stamp-a-faire 2014 - Renaissance

I think that I am not a fast traveler, I like to wander around a bit... I am probably the latest who has landed in the renaissance. 
I enjoyed Nichole's video on wax seals (here) and found the wax that I once bought on a french flea market. I also had a button and some stamps in my stash that are perfect for this technique. So I was ready for this challenge.....

...I though... Well, I made a total mess, burned my fingers and at the end my lighter was empty (a candle didn't work) and I created some messy blobs that are not worthy to put on a card. Since I had this card design in mind that I really wanted to make, I tried some polymer clay and that worked perfect. So I cheated a bit on this challenge, but hey, I tried, had some fun and was inspired... and isn't this Stamp-a-faire all about that?!

Thanks for your visit & kind regards!

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Cornelie zei

O, wat ben je dan toch n de weer he, wat een gedoe, maar heel herkenbaar, vooral als je al iets in je hoofd hebt. En wat gaaf was dat. Vin je kaart echt helemaal te gek!!!